Engineering Technical license that permits licensed by the mining industry and functional business areas of Industry, Mine and Trade provinces And the Department of Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Industry focus aimed at implementing the provisions of Article 1 of the Law of the mining industry, organized Oversee the development of technical and engineering units in order to take advantage of their capabilities in the industry, mine and trade issued Technical

establishment license permits the establishment of technical and engineering expertise permissions that after investigation if necessary qualification and earn points based on the provisions and guidelines of Industries To applicants on behalf of Industry, Mine and Trade Region Export Mygrddv licensed engineering license is required. Engineering license after obtaining a license that permits the establishment of the Engineering Technical establishment license, registration engineering firm, providing engineering office created the conditions necessary facilities on behalf of Industry, Mine and provincial level may be issued Tjartdr The field of expertise, and engineering unit is the main activities that have been determined in accordance with Technical Ast.sdrv licenses and permits for natural and legal persons is possible.

Terms, conditions and procedures establish licensing Engineering Technical establishment license to the applicant companies:

-A written request applicants Industry, Mine and Trade respective provinces and completing forms in one of the fields declared by the organization in order to permit the establishment of technical and engineering units.

-Minimum Bachelor's degree in related engineering technical area of specialization demand from universities and higher education institutions inside or outside of work with appropriate experimental records are concerned.

Applicants must establish technical engineering unit of 100 points tables mining industry and trade organizations gain To be eligible for licensure technical equipment and engineering.

- Legal persons in one of the following styles can establish a permit applicant Engineering Technical establishment license are:

- Institution or company registered with the relevant competent authorities concerned.

- Engineering unit as part of a production unit with the approved organizational structure and under the direct supervision of the CEO

- Institution or company that joint venture (J.V) has been established and cooperation with Sayrsrmayh investors, domestic and foreign institutions and companies (consortium) based on the country's current laws and regulations.

Technical validity established:

Engineering Other technical equipment like establishment license is valid license is Aksryksal and under certain conditions, for a maximum of one year renewable twice.

Technical Atbarprvanh:

Engineering license validity period is three years and then according to the specific requirements and earn points for extension Can be extended each time for three years and, if necessary concessions, the annulment.

Conditions, criteria license after license Technical Engineering:

- The establishment of technical and engineering license request, in writing and then apply online to the organization The mining industry and the province's business license application engineering.

- For the very latest technical conditions of license are at least 250 points based on content licensing and permit regulations and circulars Engineering was awarded

- The applicant for obtaining licenses and permits at least three projects related to the field of engineering expertise that has run its Executive Stages And approval of the Company to be reached is completed

- The applicant's license and technical licenses should at least provide engineering services such as office facilities for decent work, office supplies and the necessary administrative, technical archive expertise, specialized library, computer and its accessories and other technical office equipment engineers have

- Provides complete a questionnaire or outline proper justification, according to technical and engineering disciplines required licenses and permits.

- Some of the same engineers who have a license to establish technical and engineering are less than a year of time has been spent directly under certain conditions can apply their engineering licenses.

- For some units licensed by the Supreme Council of Informatics Engineering or ranking of Management and Planning Organization are Provided that the maximum benefit industrial projects and mining activities, training courses and specialized engineering services related to engineering services, and membership in the relevant province. Or scientific, engineering and privilege to have the educational background and job not less than 50, engineering license will be permitted.

- Activities of technical and engineering units (companies licensed and Parvaneh of Engineering):

Shzkt of licensed and license-based engineering specialist in the license issued in the following fields can be involved:

- Research and studies of the feasibility study of macro research, classification, identification and introduction of new processes and technologies, transportation, and compliance with the terms, conditions and development programs Industry

• Ability to survey, identify and introduce technologies and technologies related to the environment and reducing pollution from industrial activities, mining and commercial allocation And modern systems offer Vnvyn management and development of production units in order to increase productivity and business cycle dynamic industry.

Organizational management, execution management, and content inspection and monitoring of projects to industrial, mining and commercial

- Developing and providing technical and engineering services in the field of quality management systems, value engineering and quality control.

- Precision Standards industrial, mining and commercial and general standards

- Research and industrial laboratory and technical services Industrial and calibration laboratory in the industry, and all sectors of industry, mine and trade

- Training, development, design and implementation of specialized software and general engineering industry, mine and trade map, drawing and design of products, processes and preparation of technical documents

- Implement, deploy, Janmayyv design and optimization of production methods in all areas of industry

-Tdvyn And provide technical and engineering services to raise the quality of products and services and their compliance with Astandardhaysnty business and commercial Mtbr.mdlyng reverse engineering and prototyping and pilot and prototype engineering

- Provide technical and engineering services to develop a variety of product networks and automation and optimization and updating of new technologies in industrial, mining and commercial in all areas of Engineering

- Implement and provide technical services in the field of engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair units, industrial, mining and commercial in all areas of Engineering

- Provide technical and engineering services in the field of reducing waste and industrial waste, mining and trade, recycling and energy saving in industry, mine and trade implementation of new energies.

Obtaining any licenses and permits for technical and engineering consultants Holding taksafir in touch.

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