Licensing established in the shortest time

Licensing established in the shortest possible time occurs when the work entrusted to workers.

to begin and the fastest time in the shortest path behind Gzasht.akhz establishment permit in the shortest time, occurs when a route permit was quite familiar founded

The investment is different. Grdd.akhz establishment permit in the shortest and the fastest time achieved in the fastest time possible when the relevant inquiries, including inquiries Health, asset inquiries, inquiries environment, land affairs inquiries, inquiries natural resources, inquiries settlements administration, Inquiry water management, electricity etc. Inquiry office in order to obtain the establishment license to be issued as soon as possible.

Total time following, the total time licenses are established:

- The registration period optimal site locator

- Duration of a visit to the Department of Industry (Industry and Mine and Trade)

- Time undergraduate Commission and the relevant explanations

- Time getting inquiries related to establishment license

- Time to write the feasibility and industry questionnaire

- Duration of experts discuss

- Time administrative processing and collecting signatures from different parts of the administration and organization

- Duration of the commitment letter in Secretariat

(Stay in touch with us to obtain your establishment license in the shortest possible time)

Usually license established in the shortest possible time in the city happen, because fewer applicants for a license to establish the existence of Dard.hvldyng

One ambassador throughout the country and in all the city has announced its readiness for establishment license. Get in touch with us.

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